It’s half-term at last. Time for a short break to recover from the madness of the back to school period. What about spending some time exploring the Massif Cantalien? Read on and discover three excellent reasons for coming to enjoy a holiday in Cantal at this time of year.

#1 Breathtaking scenery and stunning views

Autumn is the time of year when there is an explosion of colour. An ever-changing landscape filled with shades of warm red, golden brown, and green woodland from the rock faces to the blue sky above. A palette of colour and a truly impressive sight. It’s the perfect time to head out for a gentle walk with the family or a day’s walk along a mountain ridge. The area offers a huge choice of marked-out trails all with their own share of surprises. Who hasn’t already collected conkers, chestnuts or acorns? The kids will love messing about in the leaves and picking up special treasures that catch their eye along the way. Keep your eyes peeled to spot wildlife and make regular stops to admire the magnificent scenery. What a joy to spot a chamois goat early in the morning and look (and listen) out for rutting stag deer.

Practical information:
Come along to the Tourist Information Office for full details of the different walks and hikes in the area or find out about hikes with professional mountain guides.

#2 Fun for all the family

The holidays are of course the time to enjoy spending time as a family and having fun. But to do that you’ve got to make sure you find activities that everyone will enjoy, kids and grown-ups alike. To help you, we’ve concocted a whole programme of activities in different parts of Carladès. A treasure hunt at Pesteils Castle, a pop-up book making workshop at the media library or a weekend discovering the work of different artists in the village of Raulhac. There’s lots going on and no time to get bored, that’s for sure!

27 and 28 October: Raulhac Art Workshops

Art and culture rule in the village of Raulhac and these autumn workshops are a great chance for visitors to meet all sorts of different artists and creators. Artists, sculptors, authors, illustrators, calligraphists and graphiti artists will be in the village demonstrating their art over what will be a very creative weekend.

30 October: Treasure hunt at Pesteils Castle in Polminhac to find the cursed treasure chest

Visit at 2.30 pm for children over the age of five, dressed up in medieval costume (costumes provided) and accompanied by a storyteller.

Find out our full programme of activities during the half-term in our Diary of Events.

#3 Food, glorious food!

When you think about Cantal, delicious local specialities immediately come to mind. There’s a wide choice on offer in the shops, on the markets or on the menus of the restaurants here. Autumn is a great time to indulge in a delicious, warming truffade made with fried potatoes and melted Tome cheese after a lovely hike in the mountains, or a bowl of scrumptious chestnut soup. For those with a sweet tooth, it’s hard to resist a piece of Tome cheese tart. These are just some of our favourites, so come along and taste some of Carladès’ specialities for yourself!

Find out about all our local specialities or have a look at have a look at our list of local restaurants where you can head out for a delicious meal!


par Virginie
le 20 February 2019

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