Home to the Fario trout, the rivers across Cantal offer everything that fishing enthusiasts could be looking for. Whether you’re starting out, or are more experienced, there’s something here for everyone. Roger Chalmette has been fishing along Cantal’s tumbling streams and rivers  since he was a teenager. Read on and find out all about the art of crayfish fishing!

The “World Trout Lure Fishing Championship” has just been held for the first time in France and it was hosted by Cantal. To be precise, it was actually held in the River Cère, a beautiful river whose spring is in the heart of the Cantal mountains, the largest volcano in Europe. “The trout found in the River Cère is different from that in the River Jordanne,” explains Roger. “It’s black with red markings and very beautiful. In the River Siniq, it’s yellow. In all, you need to know that there are no fewer than 15 different colourings! »

 Fishing in Auvergne France

Fishing with a professional guide or with a fishing permit?

You don’t have to be an experienced fisherman to fish in the River Cère. “It’s a calm river, particularly around the village of Polminhac. You simply place your line and float and then wait for the trout to take the bait. Fishing in the River Goul however requires a bit more experience as the water here runs fast. Fishing in the River Goul is a long-lasting tradition and everything about it is wild. In the River Cère however, the lacal branch of the National Fishing Federation releases Fario trout when the fishing seasons opens in early March.”

 11,000 km of rivers to explore in Cantal alone!

The diversity of the fishing sites and lodges is one of Cantal’s many assets and the area boasts 11,000 km of rivers. Visitors can buy a daily or weekly fishing permit at the local Tourist Information Centre.

 The joys of Louisiana crayfish fishing

The local branch of the National Fishing Federation has been organizing accompanied fishing outings in the area of the river around the Pas de Cère since 2018. The aim is to catch Louisiana a crayfish, an invasive species that must be distinguished from the white-legged crayfish that is a protected species. To join in, please ensure that you make a booking. “Every Monday morning throughout the summer, I come along to the reception for visitors organized by the team at the Tourist Information Centre in Vic sur Cère. This is a great opportunity to find out all about this fun activity and to enrol. We organize the outings every Tuesday afternoon and spend around 2 hours fishing. We provide all the equipment and using a special net called a “balance”, we generally manage to catch around 150 crayfish. Everyone has a great time and the catch is shared out at the end (while providing visitors with instructions on how to cook them!). Not only do children and adults alike enjoy themselves, but they also have the satisfaction of knowing that they are helping protect the white-legged crayfish that is threatened by the invasive Louisiana crayfish.”

crayfish fishing in Auvergne France

crayfish fishing in Auvergne France


par Virginie
le 05 November 2019

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