The snow isn’t far away, Christmas decorations are in the streets and there’s a festive feel in the air. Christmas is a magical time of year with excitement all around. So to get you in the mood, read on and find out all about the festive events that we have in stall to keep you amused in the lead up to Christmas Eve!

Christmas markets are the perfect way to get into the festive spirit and great places to find that extra-special present for under the Christmas tree or gourmet specialities to delight food lovers’ taste buds. And if you’re good, you might even be lucky enough to see Father Christmas!

Cros de Ronesque at the end of November

Prepare your Christmas celebrations and start getting into the festive spirit with a trip out to the Créa’Cros Christmas market offering local crafts and produce, creative workshops, a ride on a horse-drawn cart, the village’s decorative lights and a firework display.

Vic sur Cère on the first Sunday in December

Decorations, gastronomic specialities, crafts, events and workshops are just some of the things you’ll find at Vic sur Cère’s Christmas market organized by the local association of shopkeepers.

Thiézac on the second Sunday in December

Associations, local producers, craftspeople and other exhibitors all come together for the Christmas market in Thiézac.

New: Lo Mercat de Nadal Christmas market in Polminhac

On the third Sunday in December, a group of associations gather and work together to offer visitors a Christmas market with a difference. The market is organic, local and supports initiatives in favour of the environment and the local community.  With Christmas traditions and local legends as a backdrop, come and enjoy the stalls offering crafts, local produce as well as organically grown produce. The mascot of the day is the Polminhac goose that will provide musical entertainment before later setting alight the “soca de nadal”, a traditional Christmas totem.  Christmas festivities with a twist and that the whole family will enjoy.

Find out full details of all the area’s Christmas events and activities in our December Diary of Events.


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