The beauty of the vast open spaces around the village of Pailherols will take your breath away! With marked out tracks for snow-shoeing and cross country skiing and the opportunity to enjoy an exhilarating sled-dog ride, you’ll spend a unique moment in the middle of the snow-covered plateau, away from the crowds and bustle of the large ski resorts. 

Snow-shoeing and cross country skiing across the high plateau in Winter

Take a deep breath! You’re on the Pailherols plateau, a tranquil Nordic skiing area great for all the family, far away from the busy ski resorts. With 40 kilometres of ski tracks for cross country skiing across the snow-covered fields and a snow-shoeing trail with magnificent views over the snow-capped summits, Pailherols is a place where you’ll appreciate the authentic charm and the warm welcome by the village’s inhabitants. It’s the ideal spot to relax and wind down and enjoy the snow in a peaceful setting.

The whole family will enjoy the joys of the snow in Pailherols. Get your snow-shoes on and head out to explore this magnificent area. Admire the mountains and valleys as far as the eyes can see.

For cross country skiers, there are marked out and prepared tracks for you to use that will take you across the wide open expanse of the plateau. Younger children will have great fun sledging!

Practical information:
2 green tracks for cross country skiing including one for beginners of 1 km and another one of 5.6 km. There’s also a blue track of 7.7 km, two red tracks of 11 km and 12 km and also a black track of 18 km.
The snow-shoeing trail is for a circuit of around 2 ½ hours.
There are two departure points depending on the conditions of the snow:  From the village of Pailherols or from “Fraux” 5 kilometres out of the village.
For further information contact the Flocons Verts gite – +33 4 71 47 50 68

A magical sled dog ride across a white wonderland

 It’s perhaps one of your childhood dreams to be an adventurer in the North Pole… your dream can come true in Pailherols where you can experience an exciting sled dog ride across the vast plateau with Cantal Mushing. Bandit, Bidule, Looping and the rest of the pack are all raring to go, ready to take you on an unforgettable adventure!

Laëtitia will be delighted to welcome you and to introduce you to the pack. Not only will you embark on an amazing ride along the snow-covered tracks, but you’ll also be able to find out all about the dogs and groom them. Some great opportunities for some selfies and a chance to get close to these wonderful dogs.

Practical information:
Cantal Mushing – Pailherols – 06 77 40 11 92
cantal-mushing.com – cantalmushing@gmail.com
For the comfort of the sled dogs, the ride will be with a kart when the snow isn’t thick enough or when the temperature is lower than 15°C. Leave a good hour for the activity, including the 30 minute sled dog ride.
There is also a specially designed kart for use by disabled visitors.


Du jour picto picto 18.9° picto 4.4km/h
24/04 picto picto 17.3° picto 13.8km/h
25/04 picto 15.9° picto 11.1km/h
26/04 picto picto 12.6° picto 4.6km/h
27/04 picto picto 11.0° picto 5.5km/h

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