Cantal is a vast playground with plenty of exciting places to visit with your children. Come along and explore the theme based discovery trails specially designed with children in mind. They’ll love playing at being adventurers in a beautiful natural environment.

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Fantasy Walk "Au fil de l'eau"


A quiet walk in the shape of a loop following the rivers Siniq and Bromme. This hike is incredibly flowery in the springtime and is the ideal outing for hot summer days; children play with water and pebble stones…, the whole family can go for a dip.

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Fantasy Walk "D'histoire en histoire"


In Mur-de-Barrez, spending a moment on Place de Monaco is a must in Northern Aveyron but the very best is to go on a walk with family or friends to stroll down the old streets. Children will enjoy the medieval city, hunting for knights, lifting their eyes to see thick slate roofs and nice heritage facades. Every season brings something new and surprising in Mur-de-Barrez!

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Fantasy Walk “et le paysan créa la prairie”


The hike is family-friendly; it goes on to the plateau, has a very low elevation and is accessible to all. 360° views are peaceful, the famous Monts du Cantal and Aubrac surround the visitor who feels free and well. As you go along the hike, art and amenities reveal a whole: life, nature, man, Earth, culture, local traditions.

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Fantasy Walk “la forêt magique”


Several atmospheres come one after the other. This forest is truly magic. The whole family will enjoy it. With your eyes wide open, you will be surprised by the beings of the forest (wooden sculptures, original masks, letter drawings…), stories, tales and legends resurface, improvisation drama “in the green” is certain to produce laughter.

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Fantasy walk "De feu et de vent"


On this walk you will see the famous sculpture of the iron dragon known as “Guardian of Fire.” Families of the area very often pay “Blaise” – the dragon – a visit, for he is truly fantastic. The art of ironmaking was brought to a new life in Murols when villagers collected scrap, undid old farm equipment, reassembled, welded numerous iron parts. Thus, the footpath is filled with incredible sculptures. Very screwy.

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Fantasy walk "Du magma à la pierre"


Thanks to the great Binocle mole, we can understand the long history of our planet easier. Everyone in the family will find answers to their questions about volcanoes as the Auvergne volcanoes are in sight. Landscapes and creations bring us at the heart of discovery. Surprises abound such as Giant Basalt who rises from the lava flow.

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Natural Trail along the Gorges of the Jordanne River


A nature trail leads you on a 4km return trip walk, through 20 to 60m deep gorges that have been carved by the water in the volcanic breccia over the centuries.

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The Pas de Cère


If you are looking for a beautiful spot for a shady walk down by the river, then here is the ideal place. The two theme trails in the Pas de Cère Gorges lead you to the very heart of this magnificent site, classified and protected as a Special Area of Conservation, Espace Naturel Sensible, a natural area of special ecological interest. This emblematic site near Vic sur Cère is completely enchanting and unspoilt, the perfect place to relax and unwind. Visitors of all ages will love coming here and the gorges have many secrets to reveal!

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