Visiting a museum is a bore? Here it isn’t so sure, where learning all about local traditions, geology or nature will in fact be great fun for all the family. Your children with have lots to talk about when they go back to school and you’ll have gained a fascinating insight into the region. Read on and find out more about the museums to visit in the area.

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Espace Avèze


Découverte de la plante, la gentiane, et de la fabrication de l'Avèze : vidéo, explications, dégustation et vente. Produit du Parc Naturel Régional des Volcans d'Auvergne.

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Les Burons de Salers


Individuals or groups, come to discover the “Burons de Salers”. It is also the story of the Cantal departement. The House of the Salers Cheese and Cow and the House of the Salers Gentian. Tourism medal.

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Maison de la Salers


In a renovated barn situated on a beautiful plateau you can discover this tourist spot dedicated to the pedigree Salers cow and its products.The Salers’ House welcomes you with an innovative scenography and an activity area to learn how this pedigree species turned to modernity.

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The Maison de la Faune


The Maison de la Faune, was originally a manor house dating back to the 16th century. It has exhibits on four floors, a collection of beautifully preserved butterflies and insects from around the world; you’ll certainly be impressed by their beauty. A great heritage of mammals and birds presented in their natural habitat with sound effects.

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