Cantal’s great volcano is an excellent place to enjoy Winter sports even if you’re not really into skiing! Snowshoeing, sled dog rides, sledging … lots of different ways to have fun in the snow during your holidays!

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Outings with sled dogs : Cantal Mushing


Cantal Mushing invite you to come and discover the amazing world of Nordic dogs. Depending on the season, we will give you an adventure in the manner of the great explorers. Up and down valleys and in forests throughout the year you will have plenty of thrills! Outings by sled or wheeled carts and visits to the kennels.

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Snowmobile rides

Le Lioran

When the pistes close, come and experience some unforgettable moments at the controls of a snowmoble. Enjoy a sensational hour on the ski pistes of the Lioran, under the supervision of two qualified guides. There is also the option of having a traditional meal as part of the package.

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Ski joëring with equestrian centre Alagnon

Le Lioran

Equestrian centre de l’Alagnon in the ski resort of le Lioran. Leaving from the Font d’Alagnon, treks on horseback and pony rides. In the winter, put your skis on and initiate yourself in Ski joering.

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Webcams Le Lioran

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