Here walking with your children needn’t be a battle. In Caraldès we’ve prepared you some easy walks that all the family will enjoy. Short trails that aren’t too difficult and that are all well marked out and easy to get to. Your children will love climbing and exploring the great volcano.  Choose from our selection of short walks… you’ll love it when your children ask you “Where shall we go next?” instead of “When are we going home?”!  

Du jour picto picto 2.1° picto 2.6km/h
24/02 picto picto 3.6° picto 3.1km/h
25/02 picto 2.1° picto 2.4km/h
26/02 picto picto 1.7° picto 19.9km/h
27/02 picto picto -5.2° picto 3.4km/h

Webcams Le Lioran

Enneigement Le Lioran

Dimanche 23: Le soleil règne presque en maître du matin au soir, seuls quelques passages nuageux le contrarient un peu en fin de journée. L'ambiance demeure très printanière l'après-midi. Vent faible et variable.


Hauteur : 10 cm


Hauteur : 30 cm

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