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Distillerie Louis Couderc


This firm is the last independent liqueur producer in Auvergne. He has been developing its regional liqueurs and aperitifs, including the famous traditional Gentian, for over a century.

The shop is right in the town centre of Aurillac and as well as the chance to taste its own produce, you will enjoy a wide selection of other regional produce, fine wines and spirits from around the world. Free tasting sessions.

Opening dates

  • From 02/01 to 31/12, daily.
    Open from 9h30 a.m. to 12h a.m. and from 2h30 p.m. to 7h p.m.
    In summer from 9h a.m. to 12h a.m. and from 2h p.m. to 7h p.m.


  • French


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