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Ronesque basalt rock table


This basalt rock table results from a geological phenomenon called inverted relief just like the rock table in Carlat. From here you have an amazing viewpoint over the area as well as the Carladez area in Aveyron and the Aubrac.

Inverted relief is due to the erosion that has occured around lava that filled the bottom of a valley. The lava rock resists erosion and so, millions of years later, it is left standing out as an elevated plateau overlooking the land below. Access to the rock table is along the path leaving the hamlet of Ronesque.

Opening dates

  • All year round.


  • Free access.


  • French



  • Picnic area
  • Car park
Du jour picto picto 21.0° picto 9.9km/h
30/05 picto picto 18.6° picto 7.1km/h
31/05 picto picto 19.2° picto 7.2km/h
01/06 picto picto 21.0° picto 7.1km/h
02/06 picto picto 18.9° picto 6.6km/h

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