Truite dans le Cantal

A fishing trip in the Cantal

Home to the Fario trout, the rivers across Cantal offer everything that fishing enthusiasts could be looking for. Whether you’re starting out, or are more experienced, there’s something here for everyone. Roger Chalmette has been fishing along Cantal’s tumbling streams and rivers  since he was a teenager. Read on and find out all about the […]

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On the lookout for marmots in Cantal

Who has never wanted to be on the lookout for the emblematic marmot during a stay in the mountains? Here in Cantal, your wish can come true! Read on and we’ll let you into a few secrets so that you too can enjoy observing this cute little mountain animal!

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Puy Mary col du pas de peyrol

The Puy Mary… an absolute must-see while on holiday in the area with your family!

The Puy Mary is one of the most famous peaks in the Auvergne volcanoes. Whatever the age of your children, a walk to the top of the Puy Mary must not be missed!

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Randonnées avec un chien - Cantal

Hiking with your dog in the Massif Cantalien

Do you like hiking and want to take your dog out with you on the footpaths? Here is a selection of circuits that are perfectly suited to this chosen from the marked out walking circuits in Carlades over the wide open spaces of the Massif Cantalien.

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La tuillère chemin enneigé

Tried and tested: A snowshoe hike leaving from the village of Thiézac

If downhill or Nordic skiing aren’t really your scene, then why not consider a snowshoe hike: it’s a great way to enjoy the wide open spaces and countryside covered in a beautiful blanket of snow and will tick all the right boxes! Read on to discover one of my favourite routes… snowshoes on, and off […]

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Sur le GR vers l'Elancèze dans le Cantal

The Massif Cantalien in winter … without the skis!

You might want to enjoy our area in wintertime without skiing. No problem! Whether you’re looking for a change or skiing simply just isn’t your scene, here’s the chance to get out and enjoy some magical countryside.

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téléphérique du Lioran Auvergne

Le Lioran ski resort, a fun destination for all the family

If you’re looking somewhere for a family skiing holiday, Le Lioran ski resort is a great choice. It’s in the heart of the Massif Cantalien and a beautiful, unspoilt setting for a fun holiday with family or friends.

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Réveillon dans le Carladès à Vic sur Cère

5 ideas to celebrate New Year!

You may be looking for something a bit different to do on New Year’s Eve this year. Here we’ve selected some great ideas for memorable New Year celebrations.

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Les marchés de Noël dans le Cantal

Ho Ho Ho! Christmas is just round the corner!

The snow isn’t far away, Christmas decorations are in the streets and there’s a festive feel in the air. Christmas is a magical time of year with excitement all around. So to get you in the mood, read on and find out all about the festive events that we have in stall to keep you […]

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Saveurs d'automne dans le Cantal à Vic sur Cère

Easy recipes for a tasty autumn menu

Autumn is the season our senses come alive. A magical spectacle and a kaleidoscope of colour. All sorts of sounds from the roar of the rutting stag to crisp leaves beneath our feet or rustling in the wind. And last but not least, the delicious flavours of fresh local produce to delight our taste buds.

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Vue automnale dans le Cantal

3 reasons why you’ll love an Autumn break in Carladès!

It’s half-term at last. Time for a short break to recover from the madness of the back to school period. What about spending some time exploring the Massif Cantalien? Read on and discover three excellent reasons for coming to enjoy a holiday in Cantal at this time of year.

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Visite commentée de pailherols Cantal

A different way to explore the village of Pailherols

At the end of July, I headed off to the village of Pailherols to meet up with Jean Pierre Vazelle and his son, Sylvain, both passionate about history and the Occitan language. Two fascinating men and both experts in passing on their love the area. Throughout the summer, they welcome visitors on a guided tour, sharing […]

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