Chef du restaurant le Bel horizon à Vic sur Cère dans le Cantal

Taste Auvergne’s local specialities!

From the famous Cantal cheese to a delicious potato and cheese dish called truffade or a piece of Salers beef, there are endless opportunities to enjoy a tasty meal here in Cantal. Eric Bouyssou, chef and member of the Toques d’Auvergne club, has all of these specialities on the menu of his restaurant in Vic-sur-Cère.

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Le Garde Manger à Polminhac

“Le Garde-Manger” village shop: so more than just a shop … a way of thinking even!

Perhaps you’re keen on Cantal’s local specialities. Well, the village shop in Polminhac run by Orianne and Sarah, both bubbly characters, “Le  Garde-Manger”, gives “Made in Cantal” pride of place. They enthusiastically seek out and work with small local producers. For visitors and locals alike, their shop is a great address for gourmet delights.

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Cantal’s great volcano, land of trail running

Cantal is a superb spot for trail running and according to runner Marc Barthélémy, the area offers an infinite number of possibilities. This young hotel and restaurant owner from the village of Saint Jacques des Blats has first hand knowledge, having competed in both the UTPMA and the Pastourelle, two emblematic trails organized in Auvergne.

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eglise romane de jou sous monjou

Discovering the Romanesque jewels of Cantal

The Romanesque churches across Cantal contribute considerably to Auvergne’s rich architectural heritage. These magnificent churches, dating as far back as the 11th and 12th centuries, contain remarkable sculptures and paintings. Visit them while you explore the villages in the area, or why not discover them by taking part in a summer car rally.

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Cros de Ronesque: a gourmet visit combining a castle and a volcanic curiosity

Located between the départements of Cantal and Aveyron, the village of Cros-de-Ronesque is home to 140 inhabitants and a picturesque and welcoming auberge. It was a pleasure to meet up with Marie-Christine Cazes who has been running the Auberge de la Sapinière with Elodie since 2013. She is also an ambassador working alongside the team […]

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petit kiosque de la cere cantal auvergne

Activities galore for all the family during your stay in Cantal!

From crazy golf to fun pedal vehicles called rosalies, off-road bikes to rail-ride tracks, recreational games to snow-shoe hiking, Cantal is full to the brim with activities suited to the whole family. We spoke to Philippe Guilhen who runs the leisure park in Vic-sur-Cère and ask him to share some of his ideas for things […]

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Niervèze: one of Cantal’s beautifully preserved traditional hamlets

Located just 5 kilometres away from the village of Thiézac, Niervèze is one of the most beautiful hamlets in Cantal. It’s a traditional hamlet and one where thatched cottages, a bread oven and a water-mill in working order can still be found. I was delighted to meet Guillaume Laybros, who was born there and who […]

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Truite dans le Cantal

A fishing trip in the Cantal

Home to the Fario trout, the rivers across Cantal offer everything that fishing enthusiasts could wish for. Whether you’re starting out, or are more experienced, there’s something here for everyone. Roger Chalmette has been fishing along Cantal’s tumbling streams and rivers ever since he was a teenager. Read on and find out all about the […]

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On the lookout for marmots in Cantal

Who has never wanted to be on the lookout for the emblematic marmot during a stay in the mountains? Here in Cantal, your wish can come true! Read on and we’ll let you into a few secrets so that you too can enjoy observing this cute little mountain animal!

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Puy Mary col du pas de peyrol

The Puy Mary… an absolute must while on holiday in the area with your family!

The Puy Mary is one of the most famous peaks in the Auvergne volcanoes range. Whatever the age of your children, a walk to the top of the Puy Mary must not be missed!

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Randonnées avec un chien - Cantal

Hiking with your dog in the Massif Cantalien

Do you like hiking and want to take your dog along with you ? Here is a selection of marked-out trails chosen especially for just this, and that can be found in Carlades and the Massif Cantalien.

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La tuillère chemin enneigé

Tried and tested: A snowshoe hike leaving from the village of Thiézac

If downhill or Nordic skiing aren’t really your scene, then why not consider a snowshoe hike: it’s a great way to enjoy the wide open spaces and the countryside covered in a beautiful blanket of snow. An experience that will tick all the right boxes! Read on to discover one of my favourite routes… snowshoes […]

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