As the summer holidays get nearer, we all look forward to having some time to relax and spend time with the family. The perfect place to do this is at the P’tit Kiosque de la Cère, a mini recreation park in Vic sur Cère, just oppostite the Tourist Information Office. Philippe opened the park in June 2018 and the area includes access to a large inflatable, trampoline, a crazy golf course, all sorts of games and activities. Visitors can even head out on a pedal kart … activities to suit the whole family!

A mini recreation park with fun for all the family

We are warmly welcomed by Philippe who presents all the different activities on offer … and there’s no end of choice: the crazy golf course is the most obvious, but check out the inflatable, trampoline, bowling area and mini go-karts for kids. My children’s faces immediately light up and they can’t wait for the fun to begin! As soon as they get the chance, they’re off and head straight for the inflatable caterpillar to let off some steam! Giggles all around, huge grins on their faces, red with excitement. The trampoline next, then the bowling alley and the mini go-karts. They’re in their element and clearly having a brilliant time.

Meanwhile, time for us parents to have rest and enjoy the lovely shady setting. Philippe has set up garden chairs here and there, so it’s the perfect place to relax and unwind. While the kids are having their fun, we decide to play a round of crazy golf. The circuit includes well-known heritage and natural sites across Cantal (Anjony, Val and Pesteils Castle, the Garabit Viadut, the Puy Griou, the Pas de Cère, to name just a few). Visiting the area on a miniature scale is great fun and as we work our way around the course, we get completely caught up and even start counting the points, which of course adds to the suspense! At the end of the round however, the scores don’t really matter. We’ve both had a great time and enjoyed ourselves as much as the kids!

Time out along the River Cère on a ride on a Rosalie, a four-wheel pedal vehicle

Having finished the round of crazy golf, we all get together to head out for a fun ride on a Rosalie, a four-wheel pedal vehicle. Philippe has everything sorted: Markings show us the way along a lovely circuit along the river and around the lush green park in the middle of the village. Seatbelts fastened, us at the front ready to pedal and off we go!  The kids are sat behind us giggling away, the wind in their hair and loving the ride! Time out, just the four of us, savouring the moment. The circuit leads us through the park in Vic sur Cère, then towards the Moulin du Vialard, the site of an old watermill, along a lovely shady path. We do go past a few people who look just a little bit surprised to see us coming, but then it is understandable. These funny orange vehicles are indeed quite a sight! If I’m honest, you do need to pedal a bit hard to keep up the momentum, but the vehicle is easy to steer and the circuit is totally safe and car-free.

On our return to the P’tit Kiosque de la Cère, it’s time for us to head back home. This particular Sunday afternoon certainly has been different. Family fun, great laughs and, most importantly, a lovely time all together. A big thank you to Philippe for looking after us so well. Who knows… we might come back in the summer, perhaps during a late-opening session for more fun, this time in the cool of the evening.


par Virginie
le 20 February 2019

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