Who has never wanted to be on the lookout for the emblematic marmot during a stay in the mountains? Here in Cantal, your wish can come true! Read on and we’ll let you into a few secrets so that you too can enjoy observing this cute little mountain animal!

The marmot, an emblematic mountain species

Cantal is an area with an impressive array of different species of animals that live peacefully in the mountains. Marmots, with characteristic “whistle”, are very much part of the landscape. With the return of spring, they have now emerged from their burrows, and it is not uncommon to come across them as you explore the mountain footpaths and circuits. Stop and admire the fantastic sight of the young marmots, born at the beginning of the summer, playing on the mountain slopes. Don’t forget however that marmots are wild and their natural habitat is fragile. The best way to observe them is by following a couple of simple golden rules: remain discreet and be patient. This way, everyone is happy.

Marmots in Auvergne France

Marmots live in colonies and hibernate from October to March/April. This small mammal has long teeth, probably its best asset to protect itself from predators. Constantly on the alert, the marmot is ready to hide at the slightest sign of danger, and it will immediately make a shrill whistle to warn the others.

In Cantal, it’s very easy to head off to look out for marmots. If you are lucky and respectful, there are lots of spots where you can observe marmot colonies, examples being the foot of the Puy Mary, or by climbing up to the top of the Plomb du Cantal

 Some advice and recommendations for your hikes:

Before you leave, check the length and difficulty of your walking itinerary, find out about the weather forecast, and make sure you have all the right equipment and clothing.

During the hike, do not leave the marked out paths and ensure that you always close gates or openings in fences properly. You are in the Auvergne Volcanoes Regional Nature Park, so please respect the environment: do not pick flowers as many species are rare and protected, take your rubbish back home with you and don’t light any fires.

Be careful not to disturb the wild animals and remain quiet and at your distance at all times.

Marmots Pailherols Cantal France

Marmots in Cantal Auvergne


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