If downhill or Nordic skiing aren’t really your scene, then why not consider a snowshoe hike: it’s a great way to enjoy the wide open spaces and the countryside covered in a beautiful blanket of snow. An experience that will tick all the right boxes! Read on to discover one of my favourite routes… snowshoes on, and off we go!

Snowshoes on and the climb can begin!

Kitted out with my walking boots, snowshoes and a pair of walking or ski sticks, the snowshoe hike leaves from Lafon near the village of Thiézac. The wide track makes its way uphill through a forest, so watch out for the branches bent under the weight of the snow! The sensation as I sink down just a few centimetres into the beautiful powdery snow is amazing. The steady climb continues until I arrive at the Buron de la Tuillière, in the heart of the Monts du Cantal.  A huge expanse of snow-covered countryside lies before me and I take a moment to enjoy the stillness, the silence of this unique winter atmosphere.

La Tuillère Cantal Auvergne France

The Monts du Cantal in winter… what a sight!

Some snowshoe hikers have already been here… I can see their tracks on the white blanket of snow glittering in the sun, as far as Puy Gros. I follow them until the Puy Gros and marvel at the view, mesmerized by the snow-covered peaks of the Monts du Cantal before me: the Puy Mary, teh Puy Griou, the Peyre Arse….

As the sun slowly descends on the horizon, it’s time to head back down. Once showing off a glistening whiteness, then in subtle shades of orange and pink in the setting sun, the landscape is now bathed in a beautiful soft blue light… and I gaze in wonder!

snowshoeing in Auvergne


par Virginie
le 05 November 2019

Du jour picto picto 17.8° picto 5.1km/h
24/04 picto picto 12.4° picto 5.7km/h
25/04 picto 12.0° picto 6.5km/h
26/04 picto 11.1° picto 4.0km/h
27/04 picto picto 9.9° picto 2.0km/h

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