Make some time for yourself and relax. Holidays are also the time to wind down so enjoy a special moment “100% Well Being” at the heart of Cantal’s great volcano.

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Natura Bien-Etre en Carladez


Natura Bien Être is a spa/leisure centre in the heart of the Carladez area in the northern Aveyron at an altitude of 800 m. This charming centre in the village of Brommat is set in a lovely forest of beech trees and it really is the place to come if you are looking for peace and quiet. You will find all ingredients you need in this spa/leisure centre to relax, evacuate your stress and decompress.

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  • Natura Bien-Etre en Carladez


Du jour picto picto 4.9° picto 8.3km/h
10/12 picto picto 5.9° picto 4.7km/h
11/12 picto picto 9.5° picto 15.2km/h
12/12 picto picto 8.6° picto 12.5km/h
13/12 picto picto 4.5° picto 12.9km/h

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