Authenticity, craftsmanship and the chance to meet local artists and makers. Come along and visit the craft workshops in Carladès where the local artists and makers have chosen to preserve their know-how, live their passion and share it with you. Discover our local craftsmen and women and their products that are “Made in Cantal”!

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Jérémy and Marie Savel Photography


Come along to the gallery, open all year round, to discover Cantal’s emblematic sites and intimate landscapes, all through the eyes of the photographer, Jérémy Savel.

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Laëtitia Bastien - Maker specialized in mosaics and stained glass


Laëtitia Bastien makes and restores mosaics and stained glass. Her work varies in style with classical and contemporary designs.

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Je vous propose une gamme de tricot pour rester au chaud l'hiver : bonnet, poncho, tour de cou,jambière.... Je tricote aussi sur-mesure avec des laines à votre goût avec ou sans modèles, conception main ou machine selon l'effet souhaité.

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Paroles de Récup'


Marie-Christine at Paroles de Récup' has the firm conviction that everyday objects can be upcycled, given a second life and turned into useful items or home decor …

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Poterie du Pas de Cère - Pottery workshop and boutique


Anyone familiar to the area will recognize Geneviève’s distinctive hand-painted pottery; her quaint country characters and a variety of other delicate patterns.

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Poterie et Galerie au Don du Fel

Le Fel

A site with a building of an architectural daring that will take your breath away. It has been open since August 2007, and is renowned all over the world for its surprising diversity, its collections, and the presentation quality of its international temporary exhibitions that change 8 times a year.

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Webcams Le Lioran

Enneigement Le Lioran



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Hauteur : 60 cm

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