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Buron de Niercombe


This traditional mountain shelter is high up somewhere between the land and the sky.

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Buron de la Chambe


Discover the magic of a traditional mountain shelter lovingly restored, cosy and refined yet its soul intact.

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Buron de la Fumade Vieille


Experience a moment of adventure while staying at this beautiful mountain shelter that dates back generations.

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Du jour picto picto 9.8° picto 8.1km/h
08/07 picto picto 9.3° picto 9.0km/h
09/07 picto picto 11.2° picto 10.3km/h
10/07 picto picto 12.5° picto 10.7km/h
11/07 picto picto 13.9° picto 9.8km/h

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