If you’re keen on cycling and want to cross some beautiful mountain passes while you’re in the area, then the itineraries on offer across the great volcano are just what you’re looking for! There are two round circuits both leaving from Vic sur Cère, taking you along valleys and rivers and up to plateaux and panoramic views. There are other circuits in Cantal for you to explore as well as walks of course if you’ve still got some energy left!

Du jour picto picto 5.5° picto 6.2km/h
20/05 picto 5.4° picto 6.8km/h
21/05 picto picto 5.9° picto 6.6km/h
22/05 picto picto 4.9° picto 5.3km/h
23/05 picto picto 4.7° picto 4.1km/h

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