Where does the name Carladès come from?

Carladès is a historical province whose name comes from Carlat, the original capital of the viscounty of Carladès where there was once a fortress. After ordering the destruction of Carlat Castle, Louis XIII made the area into a county, with Vic sur Cère as its capital. In 1643, he went on to give it to Honoré II Grimaldi, Prince of Monaco at the time of the signature of the Péronne Treaty to compensate for the land he had lost.

Carladès is a region that has deep roots in the history of the monarchy of France, and particularly that of the Occitanie. Its history is both rich and complex. It has been marked by visits made by a great number of famous royal figures such as Queen Margot, Anne of Austria and the Princes of Monaco.

Find out how these people are connected to the history of the area and pick up on some surprising tales as you stroll around the villages!

Villages Villages
Patrimoine Architectural heritage
Vic sur Cère Vic sur cère
Vic sur Cère Raulhac
Du jour picto picto 10.9° picto 4.1km/h
27/05 picto picto 10.2° picto 4.3km/h
28/05 picto 7.4° picto 4.0km/h
29/05 picto picto 5.5° picto 6.8km/h
30/05 picto picto 5.1° picto 4.1km/h

Webcams Le Lioran

Enneigement Le Lioran

Le ciel est changeant en journée, mais le temps reste sec. Vent de Nord, localement assez fort. Rafales atteignant 65 km/h, en journée. Températures maximales : entre 9 et 11 degrés sur l'Ouest du département. Sur les autres régions comprises entre 3 et 6 degrés. Ces températures sont bien en-dessous des valeurs de saison.


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