As you explore Carladès, you can’t not notice the wonderful castles. There are lots of them and each with their own particularity: medieval or Renaissance architecture, an impressive keep and beautifully furnished rooms. Step back in time and visit these majestic castles. They’ve all got a special story to tell!

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Château d'Anjony


Built by Louis d’Anjony, Jeanne d’Arc’s companion, commissioned by King Charles 8th to protect the surrounding area, the Anjony donjon is still intact and proud, an excellent example of the mountain fortress from the 15th century. 2 stars in the Michelin guide.

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Messilhac Castle


In an unspoilt natural setting, come and admire Messilhac Castle’s splendid architecture, an example of French Renaissance period.

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Pesteils Castle


An exceptional moment and a step back in time to experience 700 years of this castle’s history.

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Valon Castle


Valon Castle and the surrounding medieval village are located on a rare and beautiful site with an amazing panoramic view over the gorges of the River Truyère.

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