As well as marking the arrival of Spring, the month of March is a much-awaited time for fishing enthusiasts. What about going fishing at some of the rivers in the Carladès area? Whether you’d rather fish trout, crayfish or minnows, the rivers in our area offer both ideal spots for real fishing enthusiasts as well as families looking to spend a relaxing time together.  

River fishing for the real enthusiasts

The River Cère and the River Goul are both ranked as 1st category waterways, as are also many smaller streams. There are still different species of fish naturally in the water, but the Cantal Fishing Federation and the local fishing society, the APPMA of Vic sur Cère release Fario or rainbow trout right through the fishing season between March and September. These fish are sourced at local fish farms to replenish the rivers, so it’s nice to know that you’re in with a good chance of getting lucky!

For those amongst you who prefer fishing for pleasure, no kill areas exist along the River Cère. Please ask for more information at the Tourist Information Office.

Practical information:
Day fishing cards and permits are on sale at the Tourist Information Office – 04 71 47 50 68
To find out all about the regulations (size limits , no kill areas, protected areas, etc.), ask for your copy of the Cantal Fishing Guide (in French) available at the Tourist Information Office, the local fishing society, the APPMA of Vic sur Cère or the Cantal Fishing Federation.

Click here to find out more about fishing in Cantal: www.cantal-peche.com

Fishing for all the family

Head out to the Etangs de Marfon fish ponds for some family fun and a guaranteed catch! You won’t need a permit and the equipment and bait is all provided. And to top it all, you can be sure to go home with some lovely trout. The  children will have great fun!

Practical information:
Les Etangs de Marfon  – 04 71 47 47 81
Open from 1 June to 31 October

And why not try out catching a few crayfish?

Wellies on and crayfish fishing net in hand, you’re all set to try and catch some of these clawed beasties. There are large numbers of crayfish both in the River Cère and the River Goul. If you aren’t too sure about trying this out by yourself, trips out accompanied by a professional fishing guide can be organized. Don’t hesitate to ask for further details at the Tourist Information Centre.

Practical information:
Accompanied trips can be organized during the school Summer holidays.

Please book at the Tourist Information Office – 04 71 47 50 68


As you can see, there are many different ways to enjoy fishing. And what better reward afterwards than sitting down and enjoying a delicious plate of fried minnows, Fario trout or crayfish.

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