Did you know what Queen stayed in Vic sur Cère at the beginning of the 20th century? Do you know why Princess Gabriella of Monaco is also the Countess of Carladès? Answers to these and many more questions on our guided visit to discover the secrets of Carladès!

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Audioguided tour of Vic sur Cère


Let yourself be guided ... by your smartphone! Find all the visit of the city of Vic sur Cère on the application Cirkwi!

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Du jour picto picto 1.4° picto 7.6km/h
02/12 picto 1.7° picto 9.0km/h
03/12 picto 1.4° picto 7.5km/h
04/12 picto picto 2.1° picto 13.9km/h
05/12 picto -2.9° picto 4.0km/h

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