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At this point along the GR400 walking pass, the volcanic rock forms a sort of porch that you then walk under. With a bit of imagination, you can make out the head of a lion in the rock above the porch, hence the name of this walking trail.

Follow the marked-out walking trail "La porte du Lion" from the hamlet of Lagoutte. The trail will take you through the “Chaos de Casteltinet”. Estimated 3 hour walking circuit. A detailed description of the trail is available at the Tourist Information Office.

Opening dates

  • All year round.


  • Free access.


  • French


Du jour picto picto 21.0° picto 9.9km/h
30/05 picto picto 18.6° picto 7.1km/h
31/05 picto picto 19.2° picto 7.2km/h
01/06 picto picto 21.0° picto 7.1km/h
02/06 picto picto 18.9° picto 6.6km/h

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