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Truite dans le Cantal

A fishing trip in the Cantal

Home to the Fario trout, the rivers across Cantal offer everything that fishing enthusiasts could be looking for. Whether you’re starting out, or are more experienced, there’s something here for everyone. Roger Chalmette has been fishing along Cantal’s tumbling streams and rivers  since he was a teenager. Read on and find out all about the […]

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On the lookout for marmots in Cantal

Who has never wanted to be on the lookout for the emblematic marmot during a stay in the mountains? Here in Cantal, your wish can come true! Read on and we’ll let you into a few secrets so that you too can enjoy observing this cute little mountain animal!

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Puy Mary col du pas de peyrol

The Puy Mary… an absolute must while on holiday in the area with your family!

The Puy Mary is one of the most famous peaks in the Auvergne volcanoes range. Whatever the age of your children, a walk to the top of the Puy Mary must not be missed!

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Du jour picto 6.4° picto 0.2km/h
08/12 picto picto 6.7° picto 6.5km/h
09/12 picto picto 2.6° picto 19.7km/h
10/12 picto picto 1.3° picto 4.1km/h
11/12 picto 1.5° picto 11.4km/h

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