Jump on your mountain bike and manoeuvre your way down the slopes of a volcano! Cantal is a great place to go mountain biking and discover the beautiful natural landscape. There are marked out circuits to suit all levels. Don’t worry if you haven’t got your mountain bike with you. You can easily hire one along with all the necessary kit. There’s no excuse not to give it a go!


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Big Wheels Pro Shop - Lioran Sports Skimium

Le Lioran

Rental and sale of downhill mountain bikes, electric mountain bikes and Fat bikes, Enduros mountain bikes for juniors and adults. Sale of bicycle parts and textiles.

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Lioran Sports - Skimium

Le Lioran

Rental of ski, snowboards, mini-skis, snow scooters, snowshoes, sledges. Sale of garments, ski equipment and accessories

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Rental of mountain bikes with Electric Assistance


Several rental points throughout the Carladès offer bicycles for rent for a few hours or the whole day!

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Du jour picto 8.4° picto 9.3km/h
24/01 picto 4.7° picto 5.5km/h
25/01 picto picto 1.8° picto 5.7km/h
26/01 picto picto 5.0° picto 3.7km/h
27/01 picto 3.8° picto 1.0km/h

Webcams Le Lioran

Enneigement Le Lioran

Petites pluies, limite pluie-neige au-dessus de 1800 m. Vent : de Sud à Sud-Est. Rafales pouvant atteindre 70 à 80 km/h.


Hauteur : 10 cm


Hauteur : 30 cm

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